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We Have Bigger Fish To Fry Now

  • October 9, 2020
  • By Sabine
We Have Bigger Fish To Fry Now

It’s been some time since my last post.

I have to be honest, I haven’t been very motivated to publish new posts. It’s not that I lack content – I was busy working on the house during quarantine – but does my DIY content even matter?

I can’t help but ask myself if the time of “aspirational” content is over? Don’t we have bigger fish to fry now? I don’t even know if people still care to read blogs. That said, I’m not sure if and how to continue. I certainly don’t want to come across as tone deaf.

The main reason for starting this blog, was to motivate people. I wanted to let them know that if I can install a toilet, they can too. If I can build a table, so can you. Try small, but try.

But right now, the world is utterly hideous. Is there still room on the internet for the “lighter” content? Maybe. Time will tell, I guess. I’d love to get your input. Do you still read blogs? Do you care to know how to DIY a small awning during a time when cities are being burned down? Does it matter how I built my inexpensive planters when so many people are without a job?

And what about the never ending Covid crisis? How are you coping?

Here’s what’s been going on in our neck of the woods.

Luckily, we have all kept healthy. I live 20 minutes north of Nashville where schools opened on August 3. Only middle and high school students remained on a hybrid schedule until after Labor Day. For my son, a senior, this meant going to school twice a week, the rest was done via Google docs/Zoom, none of which replaces an in-person experience. Our county also offers a full time virtual learning option for students who choose to learn from home.

Our special needs preschoolers are so happy to be back in the classroom. We missed them so much. Masks are still required for all school staff as well as middle and high school students. Elementary students have the option to wear masks. Temperatures are taken daily.

I’m thrilled to be back with our little students and happy to report, that since the start, we have had perfect attendance. I absolutely adore these little souls. Every progress they make motivates us to work even harder. My heart aches for the children who still haven’t been allowed to go back to school.

Seeing the kids every day and having a daily routine has been such a blessing for all of us. The most simple, mundane task feels wonderful to us and them. Once again, we have consistency and normalcy (aside from the masks). People need each other… in person.


Our county’s mask mandate was lifted last week. However, schools and government buildings still require masks as do most private businesses. So nothing has changed much in that regard.

The city of Nashville isn’t doing well. Businesses are closing daily… music is dying. I read somewhere that over 100,000 businesses in the country have shut down permanently, in just the past few months. More than 50% of New York’s bars and restaurants have shut down. As of now, Broadway will not reopen until May 2021. Are we past the point of no return?

Our church hasn’t had an in person service since March 17. My heart aches for the elderly members.

I’m grateful for employment and a roof over our heads. Both my daughters and son in law have also stayed employed. Praying this doesn’t change. I do worry for their safety as they live in New York and Chicago.

With everything that has happened in this country, I’m not worried for me, but for my children’s future. My 16-year-old high school senior is on the verge of applying to colleges. He has a sharp mind, perfect grades and test scores, excellent letters of recommendations, as well as several passion projects under his belt, for which he’s worked tirelessly, for the past four years.

His goal was to attend an Ivy League college where he hoped to have many great dialogues/debates with fellow students and professors. Things have changed these past few months, and his passion for attending an Ivy League institution has diminished drastically. As someone with conservative views and a love for Jesus, he doesn’t think he’ll ever have a “voice” on a college campus. He believes he will be “shut down” the minute he opens his mouth.

Then what is the point of college? A piece of paper that won’t even guarantee employment after graduation? Four precious years wasted on being told your opinion is “invalid” and doesn’t matter.

Sadly, colleges have abandoned true diversity: Diversity of thought and opinion. But an open and productive dialogue is essential to a free society.

In my opinion, unless colleges create a learning environment in which diverse ideas are accepted and celebrated, a greater segment of the population will be turned off from academic life and will unlikely pursue academic careers. There will be consequences, however, and a great number of colleges will be forced to shut down.

In addition, the crime rate increase in New York and Chicago has me worried. The number of shootings rose in every borough of New York, and murders are up 52% in Chicago. Are my kids safe there? How is all this going to end?

I’ve noticed I find a lot of comfort in nature. Trimming bushes, digging in dirt, going on lots of walks… Even mowing has a calming effect on me. I’m obsessed with our current fall temperatures, beautiful foliage, and the glorious sun. I walked barefoot on grass yesterday and it felt wonderful.

Also, being around small children is one of the best things anyone can do right now. Their souls are so pure, their spirits so bright they light up our days.

God help our children and their future children.

We’re in a crazy time and I tell my kids someday they will tell their grandchildren about this. We’re in this together, so let’s lookout for one another and pray for humanity.

By Sabine, October 9, 2020
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  • Dan S.
    October 10, 2020

    Don’t become disillusioned. You enjoy writing, that’s all that matters, so keep posting articles that people read.
    “A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.”

  • Jeannee Waseck
    October 11, 2020

    Hi, Sabine … thank you for your insightful post! and yes! light content does matter! as much as anything else that speaks of normalcy!!! As I’m writing this comment to you, I’m in Day three of self-quarantine: someone in my household has COVID. They’re on another floor, but I was around this person before he fell ill. He was hardly in the hospital for two days – not because it isn’t a serious case – it is! – but b/c the thought was he would definitely pick-up a hospital-acquired infection if he stayed there, so he is being nursed at home (not by me). As I have asked so many of my friends to please pray for Rod’s recovery, one wrote back that she doesn’t believe in COVID – she believes it is a hoax – and that most likely, he ‘just’ has the flu. Could you please pray for him to recover from the flu then?! I wrote back, strained trying to maintain any civility. Strange, strange items indeed, my friend!

    • Sabine
      October 11, 2020

      Thank you for your comment. I’m praying for you and your family member. Godspeed.

  • susatony2
    October 11, 2020

    Yes I am grateful what I have and thank God daily. I went on nextdoor yesterday and read a post where a man posted a picture of homeless woman or man sleeping on a couch for all to see and bitch about the neighborhood and taxes . So much anger and disagard for human suffering. What was scary was that so many agreed with him. I prayed really hard not to get caught up in the anger and fear of the corona virus and it has been hard.

    • Sabine
      October 11, 2020

      Wow, so sad. I’ve never seen people as hateful and angry as this year. God, family and good health are more important than ever.

  • Paul J. Hughes
    October 13, 2020

    Dear Sabine,

    It was great hearing such a warm and open-hearted post from you. I have pondered all of the things you wrote about and I wanted to take some time to reflect and throw-in my two cents. Actually I’ve thought before about the value of your posts and about chiming-in more often. Quite honestly, you are absolutely amazing!

    First and foremost, you have been an inspiration, not only to me, but surely to other readers who have taken a keen interest and joy in seeing you tackle so many diverse projects. It is fun reading, and informative. And quite the contrary, to your question of whether there is room on the Internet for lighter content, I think that’s exactly what people need right now. Your stories and ideas are a helpful way to take our collective minds off the drudgery of the not-so-friendly outer world. You are an oasis miles away from the “bigger fish” that’s already frying. Of course, I’m a little biased about your home upgrade adventures, since I’ve been renovating my house for as long as some people have known me. Your recipes are like a visit to a foreign country since I have a layman’s interest in cooking and I’ve been working on a regional cookbook for ages. Research, research, research!

    Reflecting on your comments about blogs in general, you reminded me of my time in radio. Being on the air, we never really knew who was out there or if anyone was paying attention. Then, all it took was a phone call or letter from a person in prison writing about a comment I had made days earlier. The human connection then became more than a small room with a microphone and music to play. The same goes for you, I’m sure. Sometimes a post comment appears from someone and then there are those posts that don’t get any feedback at all. That doesn’t mean your audience isn’t reading and taking notes. Many people read or listen without ever responding.

    So, let’s see. I have:
    Installed a toilet for a friend
    Made your no-churn ice cream recipe (wow!), Olive Oil cake, and others
    Marveled at your photos
    Followed your advice on minor household tasks
    Repaired my dryer heating element and fixed a church friend’s dryer drum belt after seeing your dryer fuse repair post. I had no idea what I was doing, but it all came back together and worked.
    And the list goes on….dating back almost five years?

    So to me, it comes down to whether your “channel” is a hobby or an opportunity to perhaps have fun with while finding a way to produce some income. Oh, wait! There! I’ve got it! Sabine’s Kitchen Collection! You’re an excellent writer and your recipe collection is unique, you take great photos and people are crazy about new recipes that are out of the ordinary. Sell it as a digital download and/or an on-demand printed book! There are ways to grow audiences too.

    I’m always thinking of marketing ideas. If I’m being too obstreperous, forgive me.

    I’m glad you and your family are safe and doing well. Yes, children are the future of the world and assisting and teaching them is admirable. Communicating is essential and you fill a void, Sabine. Don’t stop!

    My inner motto has always been “persevere.” It has always, always worked. Whether it is dealing with a huge life challenge, or just trying to loosen a screw on an electrical outlet box that won’t budge, I keep trying. That happened just a few days ago and after four tries, I came back again and it worked. Yippie!

    Thank you for all you do. You are an incredible light to many. In the end, how we treat others and what we can contribute to make someone’s world a little better is what counts.


    • Sabine
      October 18, 2020

      Oh my goodness, Paul. I don’t even know what to say. Your comment is so incredibly encouraging and kind. Wow! You give me faith in humanity. I feel like for months we’ve been stuck in this “ugliness” and the only light are my little special needs friends at school. I’m so desperately trying to make life more “normal” for them, whatever that may be these days. For years, I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into my job and this blog. All I want is for people to thrive, not just survive. Life can be sooooo beautiful if we truly think about how much we have to offer to each other. Thank you, Paul, for being a loyal reader of my little blog. Thank you for taking interest in my posts and always giving me great feedback, which motivates me to continue. God bless you, my friend.

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