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When a Pendant Light Costs Less than a Pizza…

  • April 10, 2015
  • By Sabine
When a Pendant Light Costs Less than a Pizza…

You see this pendant light? I found it at an outlet store for $6. The store’s motto “We have Black Friday every day.” My kinda store. Anyway, the same day I bought the pendant, I picked up a pizza for my son and paid $9.50. Crazy, right? Pendant $6… Pizza $9.50. it just doesn’t add up.

Lowe’s has a similar pendant light for $145. Ouch! Way out of my price range. But I definitely wanted a new light because this came with the house when I bought it.So not my style.After shutting off the power, I went to work. I don’t have pictures of the whole process since I was replacing the light  by myself, but if you want to learn how to change a light fixture, this YouTube tutorial is great.

My new light fixture is ready to go up. I love the simple and clean design. I also love it when a few $$ and a bit of time make a big difference. Such was the case with my $2 Ceiling Fan Makeover.

So when a pendant light costs less than a pizza, this thrifty mama is pretty happy.

By Sabine, April 10, 2015
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