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Window Screen Frame & Mesh Re-Use

  • September 29, 2015
  • By Sabine

windowscreen12My windows are original to the house (except the kitchen window) and several are missing window screens. This didn’t bother me much during the hot summer months when the A/C was on 24/7. But now that fall is here and temperatures are cooler, I have an urge to air out the entire house… especially the kitchen.

When I bought the house, the previous owners had left behind a large window screen frame. Although it didn’t fit any windows or doors, I couldn’t get myself to throw it away.

The other day I made use of this screen by turning it into a smaller screen for my kitchen window. Here’s how I did it.


The frame is large and green. I needed a small and white frame.

First I measured the window.

windowscreen1Next, I removed the screening wire and mesh.

windowscreen2Since I needed to cut the frame, I removed the corner clips from the ends of the frame.

windowscreen3I used my inexpensive miter saw to cut the frame.windowscreen8windowscreen9Here is my new size frame after I cut it and reinstalled the corner clips.windowscreen7After spray painting the frame white, I was ready to install the mesh and screening wire. You are supposed to use something called a spline tool to push the screening wire into the frame.

windowscreen6I don’t have this tool so I used a screw driver instead. It worked just fine. Just be careful not to slip and damage the mesh. To finish it off, I trimmed the excess screen wire and mesh.windowscreen5

windowscreen11Here’s the screen, installed and ready to go.windowscreen10windowscreen15A shot from the inside the kitchen. A/C is off, window is open. I smell and feel the fresh air. It feels so good…. Should have done this a looong time ago!

When you think about it, window screens are such a simple design, yet so effective. I love when something so simple makes a huge difference to our home. Have a great week and keep reusing! 🙂

By Sabine, September 29, 2015
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  • Lilia Robbers
    July 6, 2018

    The mesh in my window screens have holes all over in it. I love having mesh in my window, because it keeps bugs out of my house when my windows are open. Thank you for the step-by-step explanation on how to install new mesh in the window. I will need to figure out where to get high quality wire mesh so I don’t need to replace my mesh often.

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